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My Proposal March 29, 2012

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My Idea/my starting point:
My interests lie in dress making and theatre set and costume design. I’m also interested in History of Art and I hope to study this at University. Therefore I have developed a couple of ideas which encompass to some degree all these ideas.
I would like to research the History of Costume and Fashion. I would also be interested, as I know nothing of this, in researching and learning about marketing fashion. Another way in learning something new, I can try to develop my skills in research and also techniques regarding design.

My Possible Target/Aim:
By the end of the project I will most probably have to show a scrap book (this would be better to show drawings or photographs) or my blog showing evidence of research and improvement in certain skills. Possibly, I could design and create my own contemporary fashion line, influenced and based on the research I do.

Between Now and Summer:
In order to reach my aims I should start a scrap book, in which I can start collecting cut-outs, articles or any other types of research – probably largely of contemporary fashion. I can also start collecting material samples for if I do make some clothes. Regarding this I may need to find out about sponsorship as the materials would be very expensive. I have an art exhibition diary which may be useful… The current Zoffany exhibition at the Royal Academy (?) would be very useful as he has ben praised for his accurate drawings of costumes. I also might try to find out about a couple of watercolour lessons – this is the best media for design (although I might, throughout the project, try a range of media).

In the Summer Holidays:
I should use the summer holidays wisely as I won’t have much other work. By this point I would hope that I would have a better idea for my final presentation and therefore I can start planning this in greater detail. I should, during this time, read and research on the History of Costumes. I will also try to find out about marketing fashion – maybe I could interview someone?


Further thoughts… March 17, 2012

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It has now been a week since the last post and so I ought to write another one!

I have not had any more ideas of what I should do – which may be a good thing as I already have quite a few ideas! I think now that I would be happiest doing something where I can do some dress making…

To start the project I will conduct some research into fashion and theatre designers I like and maybe try and start building a collection of design ideas whether these become relevant or not.


First Ideas March 10, 2012

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This blog is to record/follow the progress of my Extended Project for School.  This is a project which ‘can be anything!’

My interests lie in History of Art, Design and Theatre.  Somehow I hope to merge these to create an idea…

  • I hope to study History of Art and so this would be a good idea.  I could write a dissitation (5000 words) on an artist/art movement or reviews of exhibitions.  I have also already started an Art Exhibition diary with reviews and some artistic responses and I have written a couple of art exhibition reviews for my school magazine (  I could look further into doing art work to show responses to artists/movements/exhibitions.
  • I have a very strong interest in dress making.  I have already made several items before from simple patterns.  One idea would be to design and create my own fashion line with research of periods and designers I like.
  • Finally, I would also be interested to possibly include a theatrical twist to my work as I love theatre (I also write Theatre reviews for the school magazine! –  Therefore, I could direct and produce a production of something (this would be a MASSIVE amount of work!) or I could just design costumes and set for a play without actually making some of it and putting a production on – would this be enough work?!?!

These are my main ideas so far… One can see that some of the ideas I have already started in some way and therefore these seem most appropriate.  At this very moment I am most keen on the fashion line idea as I really feel like making some clothes but it will be lots of work and I still have time to think about it!

I have to have written a 300 word plan of what and when I’m going to do things and my initial ideas by 31/3/12!!